Cameo King

"Some of the most transformational moments in my life were through conversations that were honest, real, and unapologetic where both men and women owned their flaws and failures.  It produced exceptional growth and freedom in my life. This is where I experienced the fragility & connectedness of humanity but also the greatness of the divine."


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Within every living creature therein lies a purpose. As global leader and a native Detroiter, Cameo King stands on that mantra.

Her passion began in the nation's capitol at Howard University where she earned her BA in Broadcast Journalism. She began her career in media as a reporter and anchor for Power 96.5 and 1320 WILS, and as a producer and assignment editor for the CBS affiliate, WLNS 6 News in Lansing, MI.

Cameo became rooted in her commitment to grow local communities after having one of the most rewarding experiences of teaching a media course to a local youth organization. From there, her love of empowering individuals grew. She grew from a project director to serving as the Chief Operating Officer for One Love Global, a non-profit that responds to the social, economic and developmental needs of vulnerable children and families. There she forged partnerships across the state and city and worked directly with a cross section of diverse stakeholders to create sustainable community change.

Cameo continued following her passion to help serve and cultivate the hearts and minds of the people in education. She continued her collegiate career at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary where she gained a Masters of Arts in Urban Ministry Leadership.

During this time she also founded Grit, Glam & Guts, a statewide teen movement that engages girls ages 12-17 with arts, civic engagement, and educational opportunities that has expanded from a one day teen conference in Lansing to now include multi-partnerships in 3 cities, a week long residential camp, and after school programming.


She is currently the CEO of Good Girl Radio, a national multi-media platform, known for touching the lives of women across the different races, incomes, and walks of life through the thought-provoking conversations that address some of the deepest, unabashed thoughts of the woman.


Cameo also applied her communications & public relation skills in the public in private sector as consultant for local and national leaders and organizations where she translated complex policy issues into effective communications strategies and coordinated messaging strategies to advocate for improved educational outcomes for Lansing children and families. Through her work, Cameo has developed a unique skill set that has allowed her to garner support and partnerships from a cross section of sectors including faith-based coalitions, government municipalities, and elected state officials.


Through her work  as journalist and service in the community she was awarded the 2017 Lansing Chamber of Commerce’s “Ten Over the Next Ten” Award that recognizes the Lansing region's top young professionals who are expected to contribute significantly to our community over the next ten years. The winners of the 10 Over the Next Ten awards are judged based on their professional achievement, community involvement and personal success


She also continues to serve her community at every opportunity especially as a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated.


But Cameo’s knows none of this would be possible without her faith. She exercises her love for the Lord at the Lansing Church of God In Christ. She firmly believes that there are no limits in life. Cameo Lyn King knows that through hard work, strong ethics, and faith in God, the possibilities for her life are endless.


Women tend to be loyal to other things, people, and places before they are loyal to themselves.

Danielle Moore, LCSW

Mental Health Advocate

Danielle Moore

Danielle L. Moore, LCSW is the lead clinician and owner of Refresh Wellness Center, LLC where she provides counseling services via videoconferencing in Arlington, TX. Danielle is passionate about helping people become the highest and best expression of themselves through mental health and social service initiatives, health & beauty initiatives, motivation and empowerment. She emphasizes Self-care, Self-Compassion, and Positive Self Talk as the key to maintaining an optimal state of mental health and emotional wellbeing.Danielle is an idealist who had the audacity to believe that she could be more than the stereotypical labels that were ascribed to her due to her adverse life experiences.


Despite child abuse, growing up in foster-care and acquiring a criminal record by the age of 20, Danielle began her journey to become successful socially, academically and vocationally, to prove to herself that she could be a productive citizen of society. Danielle was recently granted a pardon for her criminal record due to her academic and professional achievements and her impact in at risk communities. Danielle has been a guest speaker at conferences and events where she has facilitated her DollFace Everyday makeup workshop, and her Evaluate Your Life is a workshop. Evaluate Your life is based on a set of assessment principles where Danielle teaches people how to evaluate their current state in life, in an effort to redirect and strategize for successful life outcomes that are specifically aligned with their purpose and destiny.


Danielle has spoken on a variety of topics related to social justice, social stigmas, misogyny, singleness, addiction, life after adverse experience & labels, and academic achievement as a foster-care alumnus and first-generation college student. She most recently spoke at the Texas Offenders Reentry Initiative Women’s Tea hosted by her church The Potter’s House in Dallas, TX, where Danielle encouraged women whom have recently returned to society after serving a prison sentence. She has also spent the majority her career serving in some capacity as a mentor to adolescents and helping to effect positive change in their lives.​​


Danielle received her Bachelor’s degree in Community Services from Siena heights University, while working full-time as a Project Assistant at a research and evaluation firm, and while also working part-time as a Juvenile Detention Specialist for Ingham County in Lansing, MI. She completed her Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work at Michigan State University (MSU) while working as a Graduate Assistant Director of residence halls. Danielle was recognized for advising the most active student Black Caucus during her tenure as resident hall director where she hosted weekly community gatherings and events for MSU students. Danielle was also awarded several scholarships and recognized for her academic achievements by the Phi AlphaHonor Society and was the student keynote speaker for her graduating class at MSU School of Social Work Hooding Ceremony.


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