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I was a 28 year-old virgin until..

This week a woman, who we are calling Britney, confessed that she was a 28 year-old virgin who transitioned to sleeping with two men in the same day, in the morning and evening. Britney has always described herself as a woman who dedicated her life to God, through ministry , family, and her everyday actions but somewhere along the way things changed. In the candid interview Britney shares why she begin to subtly push back her boundaries of sex outside of marriage. She unabashedly describes the "situationships" as both the pleasure & fun and toll & nagging on her physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

More overly there’s a few life lessons that Britney unknowingly teaches.

1) The importance of questioning why we do what we do

2) Our will to convince ourselves of what’s “right”

3) What in the world is a situationship…

Listen to Britney’s confession:

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