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Part II: I was a 28 year-old virgin until..

“This is heavy.” Those are the words of the 30 something year old “Britney.” Britney transitioned from a 28 year old virgin dedicating her life to God, to sleeping with two men in the same day. Her confession is heavy. It did not end on a light note. It clearly illustrated the weight of our choices. Britney’s confession can be a cautionary tale for some or a way to identify exactly what has happened or is happening to you emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

As we edited and listened to this interview we learned three very important things.

1) We will now welcome anonymous confessions.

2) There are several factors that push us & keep individuals’ in unhealthy relationships.

3) Britney’s story highlighted our need to feel wanted, our ability to silence the voice of God (some may call it conscious, gut, Holy Spirit), and the reality of consequences of our actions.

Even with everything that has been said and done, as cliche as it may sound, it’s not over. There is always beauty in our darkest places. Britney may have not found the beauty yet but it is there. It’s the fact that her story will forewarn or speak to someone that they are not alone.

Listen to Part II of Britney’s Confession as she explains exactly how she transition from a virgin to two guys in the same day:

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