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Part 1: I'm friends with the others woman..

Forgiveness can be one of thee most difficult things to do in life. It is lauded by many as the way to go or the righteous and noble task to undertake. But what happens when the offense is especially egregious or heinous? What happens when a scared bond is broken or covenant is shattered? Is forgiveness still warranted? Is the offended still required to take on the arduous and emotional lamenting process of forgiveness (yes it’s a process)? We’ll just imagine for a moment that your spouse cheated and for some reason or another you are asked to forgive the other woman. What do you do? That’s what this conversation is about. One woman goes as far as becoming friends with “other woman.” Yes, you read that correctly, friends.

It’s one thing to forgive your spouse in this situation but to extend a hand of fellowship to the other soul…that is nothing but God himself in human form! This is why we are so intrigued by this story. Last week, we reposted the couple’s love story, He Cheated. She Stayed. Deeper In Love… revealing the raw truth of the effects of an affair but also how their love grew deeper. But it wasn’t until after the show when Keesha, the wife, reveal she sent the other woman gifts and talks with her regularly.

After we picked our lip up off the floor, we had to do a follow up! Listen as we chat with one woman who not only forgives her husband after infidelity but extends a hand in grace to become friends with the other woman.

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