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Part 2: I'm friends with the others woman..

On Part II of “I’m friends with the other woman” Keesha shares her remarkable story of becoming friends with the woman whom her husband had an affair with. In this conversation we learn the real raw process of forgiveness. Keesha details some of the contents of a letter the other woman wrote to her. Much to the dismay of many, Keesha says the letter was essential to the healing process.

But before the healing began, many other characteristics rightfully reared their ugly head publicly – anger, frustration, hate, and animosity – just to name a few. She was not ashamed to let the world know how she felt! The angst toward the woman ran so deep that Keesha even says that she felt responsible for some of the medical issues the woman faced during her pregnancy.

But after listening, learning, and laughing from this conversation, we know it’s such a beautiful & freeing thing when we can forgive some of the most hurtful acts that leave the deepest emotional scars. It’s beautiful because the act of forgiveness not only saves the offended from that sweet bitterness but it also heals. Through the continuation of the conversation in Part II: I’m friends with the other woman, we learn the real raw process of forgiveness.

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