Part 3: He cheated. She stayed. Deeper in love.

Part 3: He cheated. She stayed. Deeper in Love.

In the final part of the 3-part series “He cheated. She stayed. Deeper in love, ” I asked the couple a very straightforward question – how did cheating make their relationship better? Their answer was just as straightforward. They said, “we dropped the facade.” In the conversation we learned that couple kept up a continuous facade to their family & friends that their marriage perfect but the fictitious smiles and gazes of love only added to their problems.

The husband, DeMadison, was also forced to face the reality of the decision he made to cheat on his wife. He shares how he reconciled his decision with himself, his wife, and God. Through his candid conversation he takes us step by step in what had show, do, and be to repair the damage.

Through this couple’s love story, we learn what it truly means to be in a healthy committed realtionship. The couple even challenges those may be experiencing a similar situation to not only give everything you but also stand in the midst of the storm. Listen to part 3 of “He cheated. She stayed. Deeper in love,” where two lovebirds both talk about the residue of cheating while in a committed relationship.

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