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Part 2: He cheated. She stayed. Deeper in love.

Usually cheating is the “out” for couples who make a vow & commitment to love until death do you part. Cheating is thee ultimate deal-breaker in the commitment and covenant both individuals gave before family, friends, and God. Cheating is the one thing that even the bible says “you are free to go.” And obviously we are paraphrasing here. But for one couple, ending the marriage wasn’t an option.

In part 2 of “He cheated. She stayed. Deeper in Love.” Keesha Fife explains why she decided to stay. In the very transparent conversation she opens up about the stages of anger, hurt, and constant forgiveness to get to her happily ever after. In the process, she was forced to accept her role in the affair. She says, “O, Girl that was a long road. I didn’t look in that mirror at first. I threw some pots, pans, flowers…I wanted to jump on some skulls.”

If you were in the room during the conversation you would clearly see & feel that their love is stronger than ever. It’s only in part 2 of this series where we learn the defining moment for the couple. We learn the exact question every couple should ask when they are faced with a decision in their relationship that can be life altering. So ladies and gents, get ready for part 2 of this intimate revealing conversation.

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