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Part 1: The First Time I Felt Like a Woman

Womanhood “When was the first time you felt like a woman?” is such a loaded question.

It’s a question that so important to the ongoing and full maturation of a woman. A question that causes us to dig deep and self reflect on what truly matters in our life. It’s a question gives answers to what makes us feel and know that we are enough. It opens our eyes to what we value and why we value others but most importantly what we value in ourselves.

So four women bravely & publicly tackled this question. Najeema, Marybeth, Arielle, and Cameo.

Each one providing a different perspective on the times they felt most and least like a woman and what being a woman truly meant. The perspectives are rather intriguing and run the gamut from mother & daughter quarrels, to relationships, to being in control.

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