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Part 2: The Top Four Things Men Experience while Dating

This is part two of the four part series of what men & women experience while dating. We are dealing with the men first. In part 2, with are diving deep! No holds barred. After having conversations with men all over this country, Dr. Sean Holland tells the raw truth of what men are experiencing while dating. These are men who are truly seeking a long term relationships. He shares exactly what’s going in a man’s head and heart while he’s single and searching. Ladies, ever wish you could just pry open his head and read his thoughts what’s going in his head? Guys, ever wonder if you’re alone in your concerns when searching for that one special woman? We’ll this conversation could be a start. Here’s what we are talking about

  1. Men don’t have to work for sex. Even Regular Ole Reggie gets some.

  2. There are consequences of a man’s sexual history on the relationship

  3. Men have insecurities when dating

  4. How will we deal with confrontation when it really matters?

The conversation gets real! If you’re on the dating scene I’m positive this will be insightful, funny, and even provide some conviction.


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