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The Top Four Things Men Experience When Dating

There’s nothing like hearing the authentic voice of men when it comes to dating. No games, no hesitancy, no guards up — just the simple raw truth. This week, that’s exactly what you’ll hear. After talking with guys from all over the country, Pastor Sean Holland gives the unadulterated truth from the brothas who are searching for the love of their life. He’s sharing the truths about what real men experience – the good, bad, and ugly – while searching for the real thing. This is part one of a four part series on what both men and women are experiencing on the dating the scene.

Based on our conversation, here are 4 top things men look for when dating:

  1. Engage Intellectually (not sexually)

  2. Being a genuine good friend with no expectations of a relationship

  3. Looking for women who are emotionally whole

  4. Men are looking for women that will allow them fail

Dr. Holland not only shares the top four characteristics that men look for when dating but also explains how a man responds when a woman may lack is one of those areas. You’ll hear the unique perspective that can only come through being unabashed, telling the truth and sharing experiences without hesitation. Listen up!

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