Throwback: Gretchen Whitmer on Good Girl Radio #MeToo

A few years ago I had the privilege to have a vey frank conversation on Good Girl Radio with the then Senate Democractic Leader, Gretchen Whitmer. Now she is a viable candidate for the governor of Michigan. At the time, she was the top Democrat in Michigan and the longest serving in the legislature. Our conversation surrounded a national news story where Senator Whitmer, on the senate floor, shared her survivors story of rape. In hindsight, I was floored at her transparency. I was surprised at how she seemed to detail the anxiety, fear, and even doubt leading up to her decision to share such vulnerable time in her life.

I think it's important to revisit and acknowledge our bravery, to take note of women who courageously unveiled a part of herself to the world for the sake of others. She was a part of the #metoo movement. #Metoo is movement to support survivors and end sexual violence started by Tarana Burke in 2006. The movement was created to encourage young women to show solidarity with one another.

As you listen to her words, the personal story was selfless act - a goal to fight legislation - to be the face and voice of the voiceless. We know Whitmer isn't the first to experience sexual trauma and unfortunately will not be the last. Please take note that, especially as the world has a heightened sense of awareness around issues of rape and sexual assault, that her story is another brick in building of the #metoo narrative.

Listen to our transparent conversation:

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