The Truth About Celibacy

Sex. We come into the world equipped with everything to carry out the natural, sometimes inexplicable God-ordained act of sex. However there are some who make a decision to abstain from sex, sighting a greater good a higher power and path to freedom.

- THAT AIN'T THIS CONVERSATION. We'll not in its entirety.

Shea Edwards is the editor in chief of Faith Rocks, a destination site for Faith and Lifestyle, and author of Success in Celibacy. In her book, Shea details the realities of being celibate - the roller coaster ride of the failures, revelations, clarity, and masturbation. (Why don't we ever talk about masturbation- physically and spiritually? We do and will)

The truth is, celibacy is broader than "because the church said so." It's a journey of sacrifice, clarity, frustration, and not a guarantee pathway to a spouse. So with Shea's 6 year journey of celibacy and Cameo's self-described 250 year journey of celibacy, this conversation runs the gamut. Shea cheers and Cameo cries out "Why have your forsaken me O'Lord!?"

Watch, Learn, Laugh:


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