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Podcast: No Sex in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Being single in 2018 can be challenging to say the least, especially if you are looking to build a solid long-lasting relationship that will hopefully lead to marriage, that is, if marriage your thing. I'm mean just think about it, the acceptance of casual sex (sex is deep ya'll), dismissing of human emotions, the fear of commitment, and never actually showing your feelings. It's like you are consistently engaging with types and shadows of individuals. Now add to the mix, the Christian mandate of "no-sex" before marriage...





So as my friend and I are cruising in the Carribean, feeling Ah-mazing, we've come to this cross road...

Lord if you don't move this mountain... give me strength to climb!

This past week, we had the awesome opportunity to travel through to St. Thomas, St. Martin, Princess Cays with our job (ETA)!

We had the wind in our hair, sun against our backs, and looking great....

(that's just me...clearly... I didn't get permission to post...but ya'll can go to my Facebook

BUT we were reminded of the fact that - WE SINGLE YA'LL! Single & saved (hate that phrase!) We love God! And this particular area in our lives with God presents its unique set of challenges that our bodies don't necessarily agree with- WE CAN'T HAVE SEX!

So here’s what I learned from our chat while on vacation:

1. I wasn't ready for LaShanna's, my friend's, truth about her love for the D ! She wild!

2. God is so real...God ministered to me, through me, in the middle of the conversation.

3. You HAVE to be honest about where you are...whether you are a believer or not!

Listen to the unfiltered conversation about wanting, needing, and not having sex in St. Thomas:

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