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Podcast: I almost got into a fight...yes a physical fight

Yes, this 30 something year old, award winning, role model being, mature, wise, and praying woman of God was 2.5 seconds away from somehow whooping on two chicks. Yup, two vs one. I am as appalled as you are. Never in my wildest dreams did I or would I imagine myself in this type of predicament- inches away from fighting in the middle of a street. Matter of fact, I harshly judged women who had so much to loose and lost it all, in these unexpected situations.

Now don't get me wrong, like any women in 2018, I've dreamed, planned, and even played out so many different scenarios where I've had to defend myself or those around me including but not limited to:

1) I was protecting any child under my care. Nothing changes a woman's entire being and nature like a child in her presence that needs protection. I don't know what happens but there is another beast lying dormant in every woman's spirit that patiently waits for the moment she needs to be summoned for the protection of a child. DONT. PLAY. WITH. IT.

2) Loved One (Family, friends, sissys)- There have been way too many close calls from grade school to even adulthood. There's always some family fun vacation or outing that's on the brink of becoming a "remember when so and so almost got into a fight with.." And it's never the cousin/friend/loved one you expect. It's always the quiet/innocent/sweet cousin or mild mannered person. After so many near misses, you just want to be prepared.

3) Somehow I found myself in Wakanda and the Dora Milaje needed help defending the kingdom

However, none of these 3 scenarios came to fruition when I, Cameo King, was ready to risk it all and lay hands on two random humans (that's the best noun I can muster up right now). In this instance, I wasn't prepared, had no Vibranium, my flesh was barely yielding to the Holy Spirit , and FIGHT of the fight and flight was literally whispering "let's go!" Ya'll I had on flip flops, hair was in a pony tail (folks love to pull your ponytail ) AND it was 2 against 1!

Gratefully, this instance of fighting, as a professional women, isn't an isolated incident. Basically, I'm not the only one :-D . Holly Daniels, a fellow professional woman, joins me in this conversation! She shares her story of fighting the good fight multiple times and why she will continue (well not as quickly).

What I learned:

1. I now understand how grown women with everything to lose...lose it all. Pray y'all.

2. Always be prepared

3. I'm not alone

Listen to our confession and conversation about fighting the good fight!

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