Good Girl Radio: What Tarana Burke, Founder of #MeToo wishes the media would ask.



I can't even begin to explain the level of excitement and sheer awe that encompassed my little peanut head this past week! To hear the wisdom, passion, grace, strength, and truth of Tarana Burke in-person was inspiring, strengthening, and purposing pulling to say the least.

Tarana Burke is the founder of the #MeToo movement, a global movement that helps victims and survivors of sexual assault and sexual harassment.

This past week she spoke at Michigan State University as a part of the Transformative Justice series.

Before Ms. Burke took the stage, Good Girl Radio had the tremendous opportunity to be a part of the press conference.

I want to highlight a very important, probably one of thee most important, points Ms. Tarana Burke made about the #MeToo narrative.

Our videographer, Tymila, followed up with the question, "Why do you believe the narrative changed to begin with? Why do people have a such a hard time believing women when they say 'me too' ?

At the heart of the movement, is healing for victims and survivors and belief in who they are and their stories, Burke explained.

And for those reading and watching as the #MeToo movement is taking shape around the world, it's important to know the truth, the goals, and who is at the center of this conversation. It is as equally important to dispel myths, combat lies, and speak the truth. This is an opportunity to decide whether you will silent or be an advocate of the movement to heal of survivors of sexual assault.

Full Press Conference with Tarana Burke, Founder of #MeToo, at Michigan State University:

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