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Jane Aldrich on Good Girl Radio: What I know about this life

Former WLNS TV 6 News anchor, Jane Aldrich, graces the cover of Capital Area Women's LifeStyle Magazine the month of April, and that means a candid interview with Good Girl Radio! And Oh Jane did not disappoint!

After 40 years of sharing the days news day in and day out with the entire city of Lansing, Michigan, Jane deciding to step away from the anchor desk in January 2017. Now she's sharing EVERYTHING! (We'll maybe not everything, but she's honest, candid and so much fun!)

This conversation was nothing so eye opening, filled with nuggets of wisdom and goosebumps. (It touched my soul and I know it will jump through this screen and touch yours!

Listen as Jane and I chat about what she's learned on her life's journey! Jane was gracious, encouraging, and empowering to say the least!

What we learned in Part 1

1. Jane is so much fun! (why didn't Jane & Cameo have this much when they were co-workers?!)

2. Jane & Cameo were co-workers! Yes! Jane told Cameo to sing "I will survive" by Gloria Gaynor

3. Good Girl Radio Global? We like the sound of that!

What we learned in Part 2

1. Jane went to church during this interview! 2. We still learn how unconditionally love ourselves at 62 years old. 3. What Jane learned about humanity after being in media for 40 years. 4. Bonus- What life taught on a car from Michigan to Florida with her mom!

Thank you The Michigan Women's Hall of Fame for your amazing space and dedication to history and progression of women across the state!

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