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My Mom's Confession:

Who knew my mother was a full grown woman?!? Yes, she has the right to her personal life and to go & come as she pleases, however, I need to know exactly what my mom is doing when, where, and how. I mean, that's my right as a child of single parent?

We'll after this confession from my 67 year old mother, I stand corrected. Mother said, "My children have to get to know me again and respect my boundaries."


I immediately thought and uttered absurdly, "why on earth would my momma need boundaries from me or my brother?"

Welp, this why we are here and why this eye-opening conversation was needed.

I guess somewhere along the way from being a toddler to growing into a woman, I forgot that my mom was independent of her children.

Take a listen to the unfiltered conversation between my mom and I about boundaries and "managing her."

What I learned:

1. I really don't know my mom, like I thought I knew my mom

2. We made my mom feel incapable

3. My mother has so much more to give professionally, socially, and emotionally


#motherhood #relationships

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