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Confession: "It took me years to get to a place of confidence."

Put your Big Girl Panties on!

This is a phrase ReeJade Richmond embodies. She uses the phrase to empower women in their walk with entrepreneurship. She is the business & legal strategist at Search for Her Existence and self titled, dialysis patient turned boss. Her only goal is to equip women to build legit and profitable businesses and wear their #BigGirlPanties.

I've known ReeJade for a few years now, and I can safely say, she holds no punches and shares the truth of the roller coaster ride we call entrepreneurship. But this conversation was about something much deeper, something that permeates every area of our life, including our relationships and business. It's the reality many women face; The fact that many times we just don't believe we are enough. ReeJade is no stranger to this reality

She has been challenge with self-doubt, low self-esteem, and even living someone else's dream. On this week's Good Girl Radio podcast, ReeJade shared candidly, despite her perceived success, that there was time she wasn't confident in who she was. Listen to the transparent, raw truth of her story to success.

What we learned:

1. We all have a facade. We do not have it all together.

2. Everyone will not understand and support your journey.

3. What you see oftentimes is the end product of success not the process.

Listen. Get Free.

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