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Life Changes, and Nothing Stays the Same.

This is one of the most transparent, straight forward interviews this month. Nancy Reed, a mother of 3 and a regional account director for a pharmaceutical company, Takeda, thrives on the transparent relationships with her 3 beautiful children and a no-judgement approach to life. This approach to life may have come from her personal experiences. Nancy has seen her fair share of changes that could a persons word upside down, both in her family and personal life.

However, when asked the question "What has been the greatest lesson you've learned in 2018?" Nancy was reminded that change is still and will always will be present in our lives.

In this candid interview, she shares why the statement "Life changes and nothing stays the same" stands most true today than ever before.

What we learned: CHANGE

1. Nancy's familial identity changed at the age of 23

2. Nancy's cultural identity changed at 23

3. Nancy is a grounded woman! "When you think your life is being turned upside down, It's really not" #TakeNotes

#motherhood #relationships

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