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The List: The Qualities of the Type of Wife I Want to Be


Do you know what "The List" is?

Just about every person who's considered a long term relationship, past the age of 16 years old, I would like to say, has some inkling about the list.

It is the golden scepter by which both men and women rule their dating world. "The List" determines who is worthy of long term relationship with the potential of marriage. The list, my friends, holds the fate, dreams, and wishes of many men and women, boys and girls, and parents hoping their children will finally give them grandkids. The list is a written compilation of things we want in a mate in long term relationship.

The list usually contains 159 million characteristics a person desires and/or requires for a future spouse. The list can contain anything from height requirements, desired faith and beliefs, economic status, personality traits, to cleanliness, health, job titles, and familial desires.

Over the years, I've struggled with developing a list primarily because I was pretty confident that God can do a waaaaaay better job at picking a lifetime partner than I can. None the less, I went for it (just to make sure God was clear on my wants, needs, and So after a few tries and iterations, we are now on our 4th edition of "Cameo's List." The latest edition and most recent edition came after my regular walk and talk with God. This time I was challenged. I was prompted with the question, "Cameo do you have a list for the type of wife you want to be?"

I said coming for me Jesus?

So I humbled myself and went a head and made my list. And, my God, was it revelatory, not the list itself but what the process of creating a list taught me. Listen to this week's podcast, as I share the top 4 revelations of why having a list for yourself is crucial!

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