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Confession: I learned I didn't love myself enough.

This week's confession is funny! The topic maybe be a bit heavy but the delivery....




I talk about

1)How I gave myself heart flutters

2) why I was whispering in the park

3) And I was singing #InMyFeelings #KeKeDoyouloveme

So number 1) For the first time, I gave myself heart flutters. Yes, I, Cameo, gave my own self heart flutters. MY God, did it feel great! I mean seriously! It was a double whammy, the fact that I felt this wonderful feeling and the fact that it originated from thine ownself! This is a feeling I've only expected from an external source like a romantic interest, a pat on the back from the boss, a mentor supporting you, or being the center of someone's world, but never did I expect to give myself butterflies or heart flutters. It was only in the moment of writing about myself to myself that I discovered I should have been giving myself "heart flutters" all along. In other words I hadn't been loving myself enough.

Now, I've always loved myself, or at least I believed I did. True there we certain things I didn't like about myself or parts of my character, emotions, physical attributes that i struggled with but never did I equate that to not loving myself in totality, nope. But I discovered, after giving myself, these oh so wonderful butterflies and heart flutters that I was in fact, missing level of love. Listen as I share how I gave myself heart flutters, the 3 reasons why its soooo important to love on yourself, and why I was whispering in the park..LOL.

#love #singlewoman #selfworth

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