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“It was one of the best things that happened but I was my biggest enemy.”

“Sometimes we talk about change but we don’t live it”

Those are the words of Robyne Muray, 1 of 10 teachers named as 2018-19 Regional Teacher of the Year in Michigan. In this role, Muray is tasked with supporting teachers in 3 counties and sharing a teacher’s voice in education discussions throughout the state.

Being named as teacher of the year, Robyne says this high point in her career did not come with out a fight. In our conversation she admits complacency was nearly her downfall.

“I was so comfortable on my townhouse. I knew where everything was at in Flint.”

Robyn worked in Flint, MI as an educator for 14 years, and in 2014 accepted a job in Lansing. She commuted everyday, for nearly an hour, leaving home as early as 4:30am and not returning until 9pm leaving her exhausted and not able to fully enjoy her lifestyle.

Her turnaround came when she specifically asked her students to challenge themselves but she realized wasn’t doing the same.

She said she wasn’t being genuine to herself, her community, and to her students.

In this week’s show she confesses, “It was one of the best things that happened but I was one of biggest enemies.”

What we learn:

1. Comfortability can hinder your success

2. What fear of loss will do

3. #GodsPlan is always working

#faith #career #selfempowerment #success

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