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Quicken Loans Vice President of Community Giving Confesses

Laura Grannemann an East Lansing native, is Vice President of Quicken Loans Community Giving. She takes the passion, excitement, energy, and resources in the Quicken Loans family of companies (that's a lot of energy!) and channels that toward impactful work in the metro Detroit area.

Laura is only 26 year old.

I'll say that one more time.

Laura is only 26 year old.

This is why we are beyond excited for her confession! Oh the joys that come with being a young woman in corporate America at one of the most influential, progressive companies in the nation.

She landed the cover of Capital Area Women's Lifestyle Magazine and as always, we have the awesome privilege of hearing the amazing stories of vulnerability of the cover women. Her story along with the countless women proves that women can be influential and vulnerable, powerful and continually learning, successful and grow through mistakes.

Listen to her transparent, no holds barred confession of that even in her executive level position as Vice President she says "It's very hard to have the level of confidence internally that I project externally."

What we learn in this conversation:

1. Top Position does not mean perfection

2. Being authentic to who you are is crucial to your success!

3. Laura hates cats 😆 ( the video!)

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