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"I keep the vilest version of myself at the tip of my memory"

When I say we had CHUUUCH on this podcast! We had chuuuuch! We took up an offering. I had to send an honorarium for the WORD she dropped!

This was Queen Mother Ebony Janice, self- titled black girl extraordinaire! And she is everything that comes with the title! I knew she encompassed greatness and the spirit of God was with her when she posted this:

Now if, in this moment, you can not pick up what I’m laying down, here’s one more opportunity for those of us in the back.

She said “Christ is our example. Here’s the reality, Jesus was not a black woman in 2018.”

So, if you, sir, ma’am, or kind person are still trying to grasp all that is in this nothing short of amazing conversation with Ebony Janice, the black girl whisperer, listen up:

Her confession “I am, we are all trash. It is a reminder for me to keep the vilest version of myself at the tip of my memory.”

In this conversation she will remind you of your humanity. How we are all merely walking on tight rope through life, trying to make it, trying to figure it out and some of time we suck at it, and it's ok. We gon’ be aight!

What we leaned:

1. Cookies vs. Masturbation IS THE SAME THING (Gotta listen to understand)

2. Jesus was not a black woman 2018

3. We’re trash & God loves us


Learn about more the great work of Ebony Janice here:

#selfworth #faith #selfempowerment

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