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Three lessons that are Changing My Life

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I just hit my 35th year! Happy Birthday! Another revolution around the sun! This past weekend I celebrated with a few friends and family! Thanks to the awesomeness of dear friend for planning! (Thanks SA!)

And for the first time ever, on my birthday, I woke up sad, very much in a ho-hum mood. This was extremely shocking to me as I have never experienced this, especially out of seemingly no where. I have always been able to "encourage myself" through the very real acknowledgment of blessings we often take for granted, like waking up in my right mind and having a loving family.

Here's some of their beautiful souls below:

I also thought the feelings would just pass, but much to my dismay, there I was - in my feelings that wouldn't leave.


1. These Got Dang Ole expectations!

2. I talk way too much (I guess this why I am in this profession! Ha!)

3. It's all about and not about me at the same time.

Listen I share how these 3 life lessons that are changing my life!

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