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I married the wrong person.

"The pain of marrying the wrong person is worse than your fear of not getting married before a certain age." These are the words of 36 year old Takara who's now on her second marriage. In this candid confession, she shares the raw truth of what it was like marrying the wrong person, the pain, the signs, and the reconciliation.

She opened up this much needed dialogue about the consequences that come with giving into the societal pressures of marriage by a certain age. Takara said, while hindsight is 20/20, she realized pressure was a part of her decision to marry. Unknowingly this decision would also come hefty price tag of isolation from friends, excruciating emotional pain for not only her but her family as well, and the stigma of divorce.

(Takara's 2nd marriage)

While she now has her happy ending and expecting a bundle of joy on her second marriage, the first marriage was a fairytale. It included the "perfect" husband who loved her more than she loved him, the lavish wedding, the ridiculous yellow diamond ring, and the vacations but she says that none of those things trumped her depressing, debilitating thoughts when everything went downhill.

(Takara's Happily Ever After)

She admonishes that there really aren't red flags but rather small signs and to "stop preaching struggle love!" She warns that marriage with the wrong person is one the most painful things she has experienced and will rip you a part. So listen with an open ear & heart to Takara's remarkable story of marrying the wrong guy.

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