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Someone can love you and not have the capacity to handle you.

The fun never stops when Cam & Dani get together! Twerkfest!!! Divine Revelation! Cackling! All in one conversation (maybe even a 90's rap)! This is the second installment of Cameo's & Danielle's monthly chats where you can eavesdrop on the nothing short of amazing conversation!

This week we learn:

1. Just because someone loves you does not mean they can handle you. We all have people who love us to life, want the best for us, AND they simply don't have the capacity to handle our life experiences.

2. Cameo's Mom plays no game. I don't even understand why this has to be stated as a point. It's like saying the sky is blue.

2. Pay Me What You Owe Me! - You adverse life experiences OWE you wisdom, knowledge, and credentials.


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