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My first time using a condom...

Yes, I am 35 years old and this week was my first time using a condom.

How is that possible, right? Well, anything is possible but let me share my experience.

So before ya'll start judging! (first fix your face), let me clear some things up.

My first time using a condom was with my great girlfraand and stylist, Kala Wilburn! And it has everything to do with this picture!

Also let me make a few statements.

1. This conversation is about trusting God

An important Note: There is absolutely nothing wrong with talking about condom usage. Your momma & daddy CLEARLY didn't use one.

2. Lack of condom usage does not equal to unsafe behavior or having sex with multiple partners without a condom.

3.This is a none judgement zone... remember "every good girl has a confession." (I'm squaring my eyes at you).

Now on to this story...

How on God's green earth did I reach 30-something years old without ever purchasing or using a condom? You would think somewhere along the way, even in my teenage years or young adult years, out of sheer curiosity, I would buy one...nope. Not me.

The reason:

One, I was raised in the Christian church and believe, practiced no sex before marriage. I became serious about my walk with God in college and committed, the best I could. So at the most, the only people I would even begin thinking (emphasize thinking) of any sexual activity would be serious long term boyfriends, which are closer to 0 than 3. LOL

This is why we are here today:

My first time using condom.

It involves the amazing stylist Kala Wilburn , a project I'm working on, and well, God.

Listen up:

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