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What I lost in my losing season was because of me...

A seemingly simple bad attitude has had its place in most of our lives, whether it is the result of a bad day or a rough season. But how often do we connect our occasional outburst with past trauma or unmet needs as child.

Well, Ebony Watson did. She is the center of our confession this week. Ebony grew up in the Long Island, New York foster care system and was force to deal with years of abuse. But despite continuous challenges in her childhood, Ebony survived and flourished professionally. She earned her undergraduate degree from Virginia Union University and graduate degree from the University of Michigan.

Ebony currently is a social worker and international inspirational speaker but before her success came a season of loss, that she takes full responsibility for. She says she created it. She lost jobs, friendships, and even believed at one point her marriage was at stake.

In this week's confession Ebony shares how her bad attitude was not only connected with childhood trauma but also created a losing season for her.


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