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The 2 reasons you still support... #SurvivingRKelly

This conversation is about the utter disgust and disdain we've witness over the past few days for the lives black women. The biased attitudes and disbelief have been magnified after the airing of the 3-part "Surviving R. Kelly" series. The series details testimony of the sex trafficking, rape, and abuse of dozens of girls and women over decades by the self-titled Pied Piper. Despite the testimonies of witness and survivors, video evidence, and countless accusations of nearly 50 girls and women, there are enough individuals who continue to brandish their support for the pedophile coupled with disbelief of survivors.

Which prompted the basic yet mind boggling question, "Why?"

One reason- You do not believe the experience of a black woman.

As a black woman myself, I've experienced first-hand too many times to to count, as well as some of my black women friends, in relationships, in professional settings, community, and even with family and friends --that somehow my experience isn't valid until a man believes it, understands it or validates it.

You can have video, historical data, admission of other parties involved but there is still a cloud of doubt continues loom over the validity of a Black women's experience.

But this is only one of the many reasons... the two other... le sigh...

So while we tried, with everything in us, to not have a conversation on this topic...we realized we can't. Continuous conversations on the topic of sexual assault, trauma, rape, and pedophiles are needed for the healing of survivors, the freeing of those that are bound by lies and misnomers , and revealing of the failures of some of our so-called counterparts...

So here's what we talked about:

1. YOU WRONG. (you are wrong doesn't have the same effect).

2. YOU STILL WRONG. (you are still wrong doesn't have the same effect).

3. The only two "logical" reasons you are still supporting R. Kelly

#mentalhealth #sexualassault #abuse #domesticviolence

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