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"House of Secrets" revealing family dysfunction and sexual abuse in the church - Part 1

The picture-perfect girl with the picture-perfect family. That's what Ceci Bordayo was known for.

She and her two additional siblings, her twin sister and a brother, who were raised in a two-parent household plus a grandfather.

All serving and attending church faithfully, every Sunday.

This seems like the childhood many would give anything to have.

But the truth is, Ceci had to fight to survive, starting as at 7 years old, when she was sexually abused by her grandfather and later on watching her twin sister get raped by her father.

It wasn't until recently that she decided to share the dysfunction that was behind her smile in a song titled "House of Secrets."

Ceci shared "Individuals can really destroy a family when they don't face things head on." She added that she begin "journaling which turned into songwriting, and songwriting gave me a voice to share my story through music. I didn’t realize it then, but as I was writing, I found my healing and my purpose."

In the song, "House of Secrets," the Bordayo family reveals their dark past and exposes family secrets. In this intense and revealing conversation Ceci shares the layers of abuse, her struggle with her faith, and her transformation to forgiveness.

Listen as we turn the spotlight on family dysfunction and sexual abuse in the church.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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