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Three things I simply can't tolerate this year...

Is it just me or does it seems like January is one of the toughest months to get through?

Maybe, because for some of us, or at least myself, I am trying to break old habits and create new habits, and that can create a lot of tension and simply be ridiculously hard.

So, as I am here, trying to live my best life and be the best and highest expression of myself, I realized a cold hard truth about this journey...




Why didn't ya'll tell me how much of a fight it is to keep and maintain the better version of myself!

Over the past 8 weeks, it's consistently been old Cameo vs. new Cameo

Now hear me clearly, this is a good thing! It is evidence that I am in fact outgrowing my environment, that I am moving onward and upward (woo hoo! FINALLY - because it's felt like stagnation for a while now).

I should be uncomfortable. My old environment which includes people, things, and habits, should wonder, "who is this and why isn't she responding the same?"

So in order to maintain this continued growth and cultivate the winning environment for this "new Cameo," I've learned there are 3 specific things that I simply can't deal with this season...

1). People Telling Me What To Do

2). Social Media Psuedo-Counselors/Advisors/Coaches (This doesn't mean ya'll aren't great or walking in your purpose. It simply means you aren't for me... right now)

3) Constant Self- Assessment

Listen as I explain why I can't tolerate these three things...

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