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Podcast: "I financed two boyfriends." #Confessions

Meet Reka.

She's a media personality extraordinaire who's been making waves on TV and radio for over a decade from Indiana to Washington State. She is insanely talented and full of faith with an infectious zest for life.

She is also a Howard grad (Wakanda University) - HU! YOU KNOW!

And most recently, she is a blogger, blogging about her new found singleness under the guise of "Being Single is not a Punishment."

She also cashed out, not one, but two boyfriends.

Yes, the vibrant, good woman, Reka financed two of her former boyfriends.

Some of us may be thinking we are calling this an admirable feat.

Let's be clear. We. Are. Not.

Imagine being forced to sit out on international vacations, authentic cuisine around the world, and even splurging on yourself, for an entire year all because of a jerk-face boyfriend. You become the person that's watching life pass by not because you don't have the money, but rather mounds of debt because you made a conscious decision to "help" the love of life, twice.

In this week's confession: "I financed not one but two boyfriends," Reka shares how and why she, like many of us, have given up some serious funds in the name of love.

What we learned:

1) How believing the "ride or die" theory can lead to massive failure

2) How the innate nurturing characteristic can actually cripple you

3) Where's she really working (lol)


#singlewoman #dating #relationships #love

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