Podcast: Gospel singer Kierra Sheard shares that she played married to a man that wasn't her husband

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

"When you confess something, it's like opening a wound and allowing it to heal." Those are the words of American gospel great Kierra Sheard while having a transparent chat this week on Good Girl Radio.

Kierra is nothing short of honest as she unabashedly shares her very real struggles with drawing boundaries with sex, time, and space with a man she is deeply in love with. Kierra is a grammy nominated American Gospel singer with 6 albums under her belt. She also has a clothing line, Eleven60, that caters to the full-figured woman and a digital mentorship, Sisther Mentorship, for women and girls.

During the chat, she unapologetically checks herself and asks the crucial questions "Does my life match what I singing about?" and "Am I walking worthy of that calling?"

She says that the reason she is able to confess her shortcomings so boldly is in hopes that it will help someone else. In the podcast she said, "If you put me in the right room with this man that I love, because I love him so much, I have a problem with fornication."

While the self proclaimed believer, lover, & workaholic boldly expresses her Christian faith she doesn't shy away from her mistakes. "I got to get it together," she says, "I don't want to be that person that frustrates God's grace."

Kierra's faith shines through unapologetically in her career as recording artist. In her online bio she says, “It’s about singing an inspiring song that everyone can listen to,” explains Sheard, especially those people who may never step foot in a church. It’s about R&B/hip-hop and gospel beats mixed with Coldplay and other pop/rock sounds—but always with a positive message."

Even with her worldwide notoriety and influence, she's only concerned with what God thinks, not people-- and that's freedom.

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Kierra said that she arrived to this place of freedom through growing up in the spotlight since the age of 9 and experiencing the harsh reality that everyone surrounding her wasn't best for her. She even shared how she had to remove herself from some relationships that produced guilt and condemnation so she could truly experience freedom.

What we learned in this confession:

1) Kierra's struggles with drawing boundaries with sex, time, and space with a man she is deeply in love with

2) The difference between church people and the saints

3) She also does a little preaching (even though she says she wasn'


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