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PODCAST: Trauma Snobs, Sexual Urges & Entitlement. Women...It's all Your Fault.

Cameo & Danielle are at it again in their monthly Good Girl Radio Confession Session where they chat about all things ratchet, holy, & culture. This week's chat starts with a candid confession from Danielle about real life sexual urges and loving God. The conversation quickly turns into reality check about the misogyny, blame, and a theology lesson. Who would have thought all that could fit into one thought? Well, it does.

Next, the topic of normalizing unhealthy behaviors in our culture gets passionate because of this post:

Cameo shares how this new movement of "removing all things that don't serve you" can leave you lonely and unable to maintain healthy relationships.

And then we have trauma snobs. While black women experience trauma at rates higher than any other group of women, we had to ask the question, are we trauma snobs? Do we discount the trauma of others and even our own trauma because "it could have been worse." ***We need a full podcast on this topic! mmmkay***

Above all else, we learned that everything is actually the woman's fault. We're clearly being facetious. But listen as the founder of Good Girl Radio and her girlfraand (and licensed therapist) unabashedly chat about trauma snobs, sexual urges & entitlement and how this is clearly all our fault.


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