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PODCAST: Women in Hip Hop

Every Wednesday on Good Girl Radio we curate amazing conversations about the experiences of women in this world. Experiences that shift how we view our community, ourselves, and how we think. These conversations take courage, vulnerability, and strength. And this week I am very intentional about the conversations I held especially during #WomensHistoryMonth. So we decided to turn our ear to the culture that has been one of the most influential in our art, conversation, politics, and even relationships around the world, hip hop and specifically Women in Hip Hop.

This conversation couldn't have been any more thought-provoking than with these two women who embody Hip Hop - Piper Carter & Mahogany Jones.

Piper Carter is multi-disciplinarian multi-media activist and organizer. She is the founder of We Found Hip Hop, a foundation that uplifts, celebrates, and supports women in hip hop as well as creates and builds careers in a safer environment. She is also the creator of Dilla Youth Day, a day dedicated to providing S.T.E.A.M. education to underserved and marginalized youth in Detroit. Piper is also the first black woman to shoot for hi-end publications such as French Vogue and British Elle. Most recently, Carter is currently working on a documentary about Hip Hop in Detroit.

Mahogany Jones is a lyricist, international music ambassador activist, 4 time undefeated champ on BET's 106 Park, and Detroit Ted- EX Speaker. When her voice blesses the beat, it embodies Hip Hop, femininity, spirituality, and passion in each commanding performance. She is a co-founder of We Found Hip Hop and has released 3 full-length albums. Mahogany is 2016 Kresge Arts Fellow and an adjunct professor at Detroit Institute of Music.

Both Piper & Mahogany directly and creatively address the presumption of hip hop being outside of the highly politicized uprising of the modern day women's movement. Sharing their personal experiences, the complexities of movements, identities of feminism, and the culture of hip hop, this conversation becomes a springboard to talk about what it means to be a woman in a highly visible, influential, and male dominated space.

Listen as the conversation melodically intertwines womanhood, the culture of hip hop, and yes confessions.

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