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A conversation with a sexologist

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

"Everything is not all orgasms and rainbows," said Goody Howard, the award-winning sexologist. A sexologist is a person that scientifically studies sex. Goody also an educator and consultant does exactly that and also focuses on the social research of sexuality education. In this week's podcast she expands traditional thinking about what sex is and how we experience it in everyday life and in our bedrooms. In her words, "I can connect any and everything to the absence or presence of comprehensive sexuality education on this planet."

During this conversation, Goody emphatically breaks down and builds up everything that sex is and isn't through incorporating colonization of the continent of Africa, to workplace professional development, to our five non-sexual senses effecting the bedroom. Ladies, gents, and folks, get your notepads and pens ready to take notes from this informative and eye-opening conversation about sex.



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