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Black Hair Series: The top 3 things your stylist wish you knew.

You can not celebrate Women’s History Month, without talking about this historical aspect of womanhood, hair for Black women. Our hair tells a story of who we are before we say one word. Black women's hair has been a statement of freedom, defiance, survival, and maybe even nothing at all.

This the final installment of the series on Black hair. We've already heard from Dr. Dani who researched & published the findings of the psychological and emotional impact of hair on Black women. Also, celebrity hairstylist, Kristina The Glamtech, shared the impact of stylists have on Black women.

So today – we’re hearing from a swath of stylists who’s heard it all and know Black women well!

I sent out an anonymous survey to about 20 stylists to share the “things they wish their clients knew”

And honey chile they did not disappoint! Listen to the top 3!

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