Candice Benbow: The shame of being the other women

At the intersection of feminism and faith and "talking smack" is where you will find Candice Benbow. Candice is a theologian, writer, and feminist as well as your truth telling home girl.

Candice is the creator behind the Lemonade Syllabus. With contributions from over 70 Black women, it is free downloadable resource of over 250 works centered around the lives of Black women.

As an essayist Candice's work can be found in ESSENCE Magazine, Glamour Magazine, VICE, Shondaland and much more.

This week on the Good Girl Podcast Candice is snatching wigs with her confession and the beauty from her experiences.

She confessed "I was in love with another woman's husband."

Through her confession, she unpacks the complex layers of a broken woman. Using her life as a mirror, she directly address the shame and the ugly healing process of being the other women.

Candice leaves no edges with the word, wisdom and whole revelation on becoming a fully healed yet still "work in progress" woman.

She dives deep into her story of regret, shame, and theology of being in love with another women's husband.

Listen Up:

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