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Confession: How Anti-Blackness showed up in my life.

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

If there is one thing I've noticed more recently than not, it's the shift in attitudes about Blackness, within the Black culture. This year alone, it seems as though the celebration and appreciation of our Blackness in its entirety has exponentially grown and even become mainstream. This includes the love and appreciation of our dialect, our hair, our faith, and every piece of our culture. This perceived refreshing has come on the backs of pro-black movements, families, and educators who were advocating for the greatness of the Black culture when it wasn't acceptable or convenient. But despite the decades of work and the resulting recent progress, many of us are still fighting to love ourselves and our culture just like, Tamika Thomas.

Tamika is an author, podcaster, and life coach and this week confesses how anti-Blackness showed up in her life. Tamika said like many of us, she has been forced to fight against internalized oppression and unfortunately, it showed up as anti-Blackness on the job, with friends, and even within herself. Listen as Tamika and I candidly share that even with the best efforts, anti-Blackness can still rule in the lives of Black people.


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