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Confession: My relationship with sex & celibacy as a grown woman

Sex. It's an act that brings pleasure, expresses love, like, & lust, and makes babies. For some, it is a simple need to be fulfilled. For others, it requires a deep connection to be most fulfilling. It's an act that every human, who comes into this world, is equipped to perform. We are sexual beings.

But after a few experiences, honest dialogue, and raw emotion, I realized existing as a sexual being isn't that simple. At least not for a single, black, church-going, leadership-role having, God-fearing woman. When it comes to being a sexual being, I wasn't as free as I'd thought. I say this as a 36 year old woman.

This week, I and licensed clinical therapist, Danielle Moore, of the Refresh Wellness Center share our most recent stories around being a sexual human. Our stories of a dildo purchase gone wrong and an audio book about "Reclaiming the Power of the 🐱 " on a family road trip revealed that, we too, still struggle with the idea of being a sexual even as grown women.

But let's not deny that sex is an intimate and vulnerable act. I mean, there are sides of you that are revealed, spiritually, emotionally, and physically that only sex can produce. But for some reason, I, along with the a good chunk of folks have been shamed and guilted into the false idea that women are not sexual beings.

So listen to our conversation that takes many many twists and turns and pushes back on the idea that a woman's sexuality is confined to her relationship status or the view of someone's desires. (Mind you, society doesn't confine men in the same way.) . Both Danielle and I got flushed which we shouldn't have!

and you will probably judge us....

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