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Confessions of a former F-boy

We have all encountered them.

Some of us have even dated, been entangled, and heartbroken by these men.

Who are they, these supposed men?

I am speaking of F-boys.

By definition, a F-boy is a person who manipulates, strings along, gas lights, with narcissist tendencies with the sole goal of getting what he wants no matter how much proverbial blood is spilled on the floor.

The unfortunate reality of being in a relationship or situationship with a F-boy is very rarely do they evolve into something beautiful and worthwhile but rather it becomes a dumpster fire, a trail of tears and time wasted. The former F-boy, J Hall, attest to that fact.

J Hall is a Detroit-bred Howard Bison, multimedia critic of music, sports, politics, and culture. He is currently a content contributor for AURN (American Urban Radio Networks), writer for, co-Host of nationally syndicated HHMS(HipHopMatrixShow), and media advisor for non-profit organization Starting With Today.

This week, I had the grand opportunity to speak with J Hall about his past behaviors as a F-boy. He unabashedly unpacks his heart, mind, and perspective that fed and affirmed the F-boy way of life.

In this conversation we hold nothing back and sincerely get to the soul of a F-boy. I ask, the why, the how, and even the "how can you sleep at night with this type of behavior?"

Listen to the confessions of a former and healed F-boy.

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