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Confession Session: "I didn't use a mental health therapist to manage my depression."

Donjia Wilson is a 28 year old women who was born on the proverbial church pew, raised to have a strong foundation of faith, follow its tenants, and experience its glory and greatness. The black church setting became her home with the culture of call and response style preaching, conservative mothers adorned hats that compete with the Kentucky derby, melodies passed down from generations that move your soul through time and space, and an unshaken faith. This setting produce Donjia's heart to worship.

Donjia is a recording artist who absolutely loves to worship through song. She released her first EP "Evolution of Redemption" in March 2017 and believes a part of her mission is to spread hope and empower young people to fully embrace their faith. But worshipping out of her heart and love for God ran concurrent with what she facing, depression. Donjia says there were times after leading an amazing worship experience during a Sunday service, where she would want drive into a brick wall.

It was at this juncture where she was challenge most because in many places, faith and mental health are expected to run congruent. She said that the lie of having mental issues is evidence of lack of faith silenced her. The tension that's present in many conversations around mental health and faith was not a part of her decision to not seek professional help, but rather it simply wasn't accessible. So please understand, this is not a suggestion, subliminal messaging, or a nod to simply "Pray and it'll go away."

This is one woman's journey navigating mental health through her faith because that is what she had. And don't be fooled, our conversation runs the gamut from the theological depths to sweet potato pie to being salty about your friends' engagement. It's all in this one conversation!

Have fun and take a listen!

As always, if you need help please do not hesitate to connect with a licensed mental health therapist. The Refresh Wellness Center offers tele-therapy from anywhere in the world.

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