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Detroit City Council President Pro Tem, Mary Sheffield confesses, "I struggled with my worth."

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

At just 26 years old, Mary Sheffield became the youngest person ever elected to Detroit City Council. The council president pro-tem represents Detroit’s District 5 that stretches across both the west and east sides of Detroit with over 98,000 people.

Now in her 7th year, with innovative city initiatives under her belt, like Occupy the Corner and an ordinance that requires all new development to include housing for low income residents, Sheffield opens up about who she is without the title.

In our transparent chat, Sheffield does not hesitate to own her flaws and the realities of navigating life. She says she deals with doubts, fears, and the ebb and flow of relationships but contends that she is forever growing and learning.

Standing boldly on her faith, Mary opened up about her most recent struggle while in office.

Her worth.

Despite her admirable feats and a historic election, she says she struggled immensely with knowing who she was. Listen as Mary shares openly about her most challenging battle coming from within.

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