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Everything I was taught about "what a man should be" was a lie.

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Sensitive, empathic, and gentle is something he was never taught to aspire to or to become. But rather, he learned explicitly, through society, that being the sole provider, leader, and emotionless were the standards of manhood. This is far too often the narrative many men experience and are then forced to battle in relationships, with internal peace, and purpose.

This is the story of Emory Lawrence, a burgeoning actor out of Los Angeles.

Emory said he needed therapy to unlearn all of the false truths and standards taught by an inexperienced society of men and women.Through our conversation, I learned that his process of unlearning can be a challenging yet beautiful, painful and glorious, soul-seeking and fulfilling journey.

Emory candidly takes us on his journey of evolving into a man. He unabashedly shares that as a 40-year-old man, he's still searching for a path to manhood. He confesses that everything he was taught about "what a man should be" was a lie.

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