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"I am losing all control- mentally, emotionally, physically."

Kyona McGhee, McGhee Law Firm & Trademark My Stuff

From the moment she realized she could make her own decisions, Kyona McGhee set out to control every aspect of her life. This included everything from her finances, to opportunities, to even who drove during an evening out. There was no doubt about it, Kyona wanted control. And for the most part, being in control worked in her favor. Kyona graduated as valedictorian from law school and is now the founder of The McGhee Law Firm and the lead attorney at Trademark My Stuff.

But if there is anything that 2020 has taught us, it's that we actually have very little control over the flow of our lives. In this week's confession session, Kyona shares that she is currently "losing all control, mentally, emotionally, and physically."

Kyona has worked relentlessly and intentionally as an entrepreneur to build the life she wanted but after a traumatic loss, her perspective shifted. She began to question the role she played in the planning of her life. "It feels like I'm in the back seat or trunk (of my life). I can't see where this is going or how this is going to end," said McGhee.

Listen as the self-described "Beyonce of Trademark Lawyers" details how she's losing control in every part of her life and how the experience is producing an unexpected freedom.

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