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I did everything right and still lost.

I very much lived in a world of "follow the rules" to get what you want. In school, in the community, at church - it was all about following the rules and guidelines that were set up for me to be successful as a Black girl.

In my little private school world, I saw the rules work for others, then I saw it work for myself. And this is where my journey of being a "good girl" began. I begin to ascribe to the idea that as long as I did what I was told, expected by my teachers, society, the institutions, and the powers that be then I would get what I want.


That is a lie from the pit of hell. A lie that led me down a path of people-pleasing, dissatisfaction with life, and frustration.

Listen to this week's season opener as I talk about why I and many others continue to lose at life even though we follow the rules and do everything "right."

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