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"I divorced and re-married my husband"

Andrea Jackson defines herself as a woman that’s both fully empathetic and full of fire.

Empathetic because she knows what it means to go through adversity and struggle, and fire, because it can be a catalyst to become the best version of herself. She uses both qualities of fire and empathy in her work as a self-taught trauma coach. Andrea focuses on early adulthood trauma and hopes to help women break the cycle of dysfunction by teaching them to reclaim their voices.

As a trauma coach and survivor, Andrea understands how past traumas inevitably shape who we are, similar to her journey in and out of a marriage with her husband of over 20 years. On this week's episode, Andrea tells a different story of love. She confesses she married, divorced and re-married her husband. She candidly admits the second marriage is not perfect or "great" but rather it's work.

In our conversation, Andrea is not shy about the details of navigating divorce and marriage. She shares about her role in the ending of the first marriage, what happened during the 5 years as a divorcee, and what she really believes about "true love."

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