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"I grew up in a church that turned into a cult."

For centuries, the church has been a hallmark of Christianity. The institution that positions itself between God and people has been known to restore, uplift and empower individuals when they are at their weakest and most vulnerable. That's why, for some, the church is a symbol of refuge, healing, and freedom. It has been a place that is said to cultivate the soul and spirit of individuals, and most importantly, foster an authentic relationship with God. But this is not everyone's story or encounter with the institution of the church. Alesia Galati tells a different story.

Alesia lives in sunny North Carolina running a full-service podcast management agency. She lives with her husband, two small boys, and a rescue pup. Her journey of faith began at a young with an awe-inspiring story of the power of a church's compassion and grace. But as she grew older, the role of the church in her life shifted from freedom and love to controlling and dictating. In this week's podcast, Alesia's confession of growing up in a church that became a cult only adds to the growing narrative that many Western churches are not what they claim to be. Her story illuminates the fact that some churches are a grab at power and control and not the gospel of Jesus Christ. Listen to the telltale signs that you may be a part of a cult and not a church.

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