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PODCAST: My Mom Had Something to Say...

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

This is literally my expression, a deep chuckle and a scratching of the head, when my I get a call from my mom, just before midnight, about my most recent podcast.

My mother, a 60 plus no-nonsense women from the south, felt compelled to share her feelings about My Podcast on Women Aging. She specifically pointed out that there is a difference between black women aging and white women aging. And ya'll got an earful (at 12am).

This earful was a little bit different than our normal conversations, impassioned chats, or down right disagreements . Typically in a truth-telling session, my mom shoots from the hip with love but this conversation carried a tone of schooling; a schooling about becoming a black woman, and black woman who is "good & grown."

It was as though my mother wanted to make sure I understood, and she taught, the very real lesson on the greatness of aging as a black woman.

And, yes I learned, was schooled, and it was affirmed that our moms are right 99.9% of the time.

So this week you'll hear Momma King's version of nuance and depth of black women aging. I luh my momma!

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